Learn About Moorings Naples Activities And Nearby Schools

Anyone who’s moving to Moorings Naples will likely be interested in what activities that are available in the area as well as the different schools that are available for the children to attend. This is a nice area in Florida with many activities and a safe place to live. Here we will take a look at some of the activities that are available as well as the schools that are nearby Moorings in Naples.


Moorings are located in a great area that’s only minutes away from the Gulf of Mexico and the beautiful sandy beaches there. The area is considered to be the premier part of Naples, and it’s white sandy beaches stand in stark contrast against the beautiful turquoise blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Many people here enjoy jogging on the beach, and they don’t even need some fancy running shoes because they can run barefoot if they like on the soft sand. Some even feel that running in the sand gives added benefit to the overall level of exercise.

Other activities that are available on the beach are snorkeling, kayaking and swimming. If you’re into volleyball, there are lots of opportunities to play on the beach. These activities give those of all ages, from children to elderly adults, an opportunity to enjoy the sun and fun of the beaches on the Gulf. If you’re up for some boating and fishing, there are some opportunities to do that in the area. Some people consider the beaches here as some of the most beautiful in the world.

Another activity enjoyed by the locals is simply getting some sun while drinking a cool beverage and catching up on reading a good book. There is a Marina in the area that can rent or sell boats for anyone looking to go sailing or cruising. There’s plenty of opportunities for deep sea fishing in the area, and you can easily rent a charter boat. For those that love watching a beautiful sunset, they will find one regularly in this area.


The area has a number public schools that are rated highly and near the country club are private schools that are exclusive and some of the best around. The schools in the area rate above average on standardized test scores and class sizes have fewer students per teacher than is average. This means that teachers can give more attention to each student and the students get an above-average education.

Dining And Shopping

There are plenty of opportunities to sample local dishes and restaurants of all kinds downtown. There are plenty of places for shopping, and even the most demanding buyer will find shops that they enjoy shopping in. If you’re interested in luxury boutiques or designer stores or even a few vintage shops, you’ll easily find them here. There are several malls including the Waterside Shops and the Coastland Mall as well as others. There’s some incredibly fresh seafood that can be enjoyed in both upscale and casual restaurants. If you’re looking for specialty stores or a gourmet market, you’ll easily be able to find those.

Cultural Activities And The Arts

The area is home to the Naples Philharmonic Orchestra, and there are art galleries, theaters, museums and some of the best performing arts are found in the area. There are opportunities to enjoy the Opera as well as ballet performances and special concerts. The Baker Museum which displays art is something that is often enjoyed by all ages who live in the area. It focuses mostly on contemporary and modern Art. This is a perfect city for the whole family.