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Carte R4 3DS R4i SDHC Snoopy 2015

he battle of R4 3DS cards is becoming more and more fierce in recent years, with each manufacturer creating cards beating other competitors. Today, we will take a look at the enhancement of an already established R4 3DS card.

I’m referring to the R4i 3DS R4i SDH Snoopy 2015 card. The R4i 3DS R4i SDH Snoopy 2015 is an improvement over last year’s version (the Snoopy 2014), and it has better performance and more functionality for Booter.

Here are the official features of the R4 3DS R4i SDH Snoopy 2015 card:

Compatible with NEW 3DS / 2DS / 3DS XL / DSL / DSI / LL
Compatible with all editions of DS in different languages
Compatible with the Action Replay cheat
Automatic DLDI Patching
High-speed SDHC compatible up to 32GB

Adapted to port card n ° 1
MicroSD card (FAT16, FAT32)
Clean ROM, drag drop

Integrated NoPass

Automatically detects the type of backup
Save directly to the MicroSD card, not on the integrated chip
Compatible with moonshell and homebrews
IU skinnable and easy to use. Touch screen or button control
Compatible with rumble pak and memory pak
Compatible with Wi-Fi, DS Rumble Pak, DS Browser

Ability to change the background
Possibility of adjusting the brightness according to 4 levels (DS Lite only)

Soft Reset, moonshell2.10