The R4i SDH Snoopy Edition 2015 now features a dual core processor for greatly improved read and write speeds. Moreover, this means that it is compatible with more games.

Another thing to note about the R4i SDH Snoopy 2015 is that it is now made from a new high-density chip and a mold. This means that the card is now faster and performance throughout the card is also improved.

Even though this is an original R4 3DS card, the R4i Snoopy 2015 improvement is not at all expensive. Most other competitors R4 3DS cards cost more than $ 50, but not this card. The R4i SDH Snoopy 2015 costs only $ 18!

For this price, you will get almost all the features available with the most expensive R4 cards on the market, but you also get full support! When you buy the Snoopy 2015, it already has the latest versions of Wood and Moonshell, so you can play homebrew applications and games as soon as you unpack it!

I am not the only one to be excited about this product, here are some customer reviews:

Narry: My son just loves this card. It works as soon as it is unpacked, and we did not need to download or install the latest custom firmwares. The delivery is fast and the card was in perfect condition when it arrived. My son and I will buy more in the near future!

Cox: I’ve always been a fan of emulation. When I bought my Nintendo 3DS, my goal was to play as many games as possible, using emulation and homebrew applications. The 3DS is already expensive, so I wanted an R4 card with a lot of features with a very low price. And here is the R4 Snoopy 2015 is the R4 card I was waiting for! It has the tools I need to get the most out of my Nintendo 3DS!

For an improvement, the R4 Snoopy 2015 offers much better performance and the price is not at all high! This R4 3DS card costs only $ 18.