Five Email Marketing Strategies You Need To Start Using

google-analytics-101Did you know that marketers get an average return of $44 for every $1 spent on email marketing? Email is one of the best ways to build a relationship with your audience and to keep potential leads and clients interested in what you offer. Most Internet users check their emails multiple times a day and the right promotional emails can be used to boost your traffic and generate sales. Here are five strategies from GGG Marketing – Email marketing services you should use for your email marketing campaign.

Create Mobile-Friendly Emails

A lot of Internet users check their emails on their Smartphone or tablet. This is a quick and easy way to check email and a lot of recipients will actually open your email again on a desktop if they wanted to reach an article or follow a link. You need to make sure that your emails can be opened with different devices, browsers and apps. You might be tempted to create a complete template to make your emails more visually appealing but it is best to focus on functionality so that your emails are properly displayed on all devices. Keep your emails short to make them easier to read on mobile devices.

Use Automation To Send A Series Of Emails To New Subscribers

Someone who subscribes to your email distribution list is probably in the early stages of their decision-making process. You can keep them interested in your brand and help them choose the right product or service for their needs by creating a series of emails that will gradually help them get to know your brand better and get a better idea of what you offer. Use an automated email marketing software to send a series of informative emails to your new subscribers. Do a few tests to figure out the best content to show to new subscribers and how often you should send them emails.

Manage Your Email List

There are many email marketing tools you can use to manage your distribution list. It is important to keep your contacts organized and to actively manage your list. It might for instance make sense to organize your contacts in different groups based on whether or not they have made a purchase yet or depending on the kind of products they are interested in. You could also have a separate email list for local customers who are likely to come in your store and send different emails to your online customers. Make sure people can easily unsubscribe from your list and have control over the kind of content they want to receive from you. Think about sending an email to ask if people are still interested in your products if you notice that they haven’t opened any of your emails in a while.

Make People Want To Open And Read Your Emails

Even though most Internet users check their emails several times a day, they might ignore your emails or not take the time to read everything. You can make people want to open your emails by using good subject lines. The first few lines of your text are very important because they will determine if people want to keep reading. Some browsers and apps show a preview of the email so the beginning of your email will also determine whether or not some users open the email. Keep your emails short and use strong calls to action to get your recipients to follow a link. Personalizing your emails is another good way to grab the attention of recipients.

Keep Recipients Interested

Creating an email distribution list is a good way to stay in touch with your audience but you need to provide your recipients with content that will be interesting to them. It is best not to send anything than to send content that has no value or that is redundant. You should use analytics to determine which emails seem to interest your audience and what kind of content makes people want to follow a link to learn more or to buy a product.

These five strategies will help you get a higher ROI for your email marketing campaign. Look into using automated software if you do not already have one of these tools and think about developing new content for your emails.